A PAX of 14 returned to Floodzone for your regular Friday workout with 6 for extra credit. Cinderella could possibly have made 7 for extra credit but he was seen getting out of his car as the PAX jogged past him only to be seen again as the entire PAX circled up. I overheard several PAX mumble something about Cinderella went off to Ferryland. Your QIC made the claim he went off to Wonderland. Thanks to Fungo, Tarp, Money Hose, King David, Tadpole, and Denali for partaking in Tadpole’s semi maiden Q with a little taste of City League Redskins warm-up for Extra Credit.

Extra Credit-

Tadpole takes us out to Edwards Mill and hangs a quick left over the bridge and a left onto the Greenway.  Along the way the PAX runs into Greenway construction and a potential City bus which  starts the PAX’s mumble chatter which only escalated from there. A quick stop to settle the PAX and do 20 windmills. We made a quick right running up the hill and back over to the parking deck. Where the PAX lines up for a Redskins’ warm up.

High Knees to lightpole x10 merkins / jog back

Butt kickers to lightpole x 10 merkins / jog back

Lunges to lightpole x 10 merkins / jog back

With Tadpole’s fifteen minutes of fame over the PAX heads back down to pick up the other PAX. Your QIC realizing Cinderella is no where to be found decides to warm-up the PAX just outside the parking deck.


x 15 Good Mornigs

Out of the darkness just like magic Cinderella appears.

x 25 SSH

x 25 Mt. Climbers

x 13 Spicer Man Merkins

The Thang-

Jog over the bridge to the street paralleling Crabtree Tavern and the new Bob Villa Apartments. Grab a rock.

x20 curls

x20 shoulder press

x20 triceps extensions

After  informing the PAX we would now sprint to  the top of the hill with our rocks a mumble chatter from the King himself made this QIC’s day. The response was “You want us to run up that hill with our rocks”? In a tone like please Q do not make me do it. Well, with renewed vigor we sprinted the hill and close to the top we did x10 rock squats. Jog back down and do…

x15 curls

x12 shoulder press

x12 triceps curls

Run the hill again without the rock and do 10 prisoner squats. Jog back to the parking deck under the new restaurants.

Bear Crawl first ramp. Partner up and wheelbarrow flapjack back with more mumble chatter. Gizmo informs me during this that he won some beer pong contest last night and if he wheelbarrows he will be spilling all over the parking deck. Your QIC smartly waves off his strategy of more wheelbarrows. Your QIC takes the PAX up to the top of the parking deck for a little more of Redskins football conditioning. We line up for chop your feet, up downs, sprint to the next light pole, and do it all again until your QIC decides otherwise. As we line up for the fun your QIC notices our 23yr old FNG with Gizmo shadowing spilling his Merlot all over the parking deck. With enough up downs your QIC decides we need to do suicides to prepare for the 4th quarter.



American Hammers x20

Micheal Phelps

American Hammers x20

WWII Situps x20


New workout starting at the Art Museum Saturday.

2nd F this Thursday at Boylan Heights

3rd F Dinner September 23rd North Hills Club. Come out to hear our own Howard. HC by the 19th. See Fazio.

A lot of great mumble chatter for this edition of The Flood Zone. Much complaining and references to football glory days come and gone. Interesting enough our FNG was on the first City League Redskins team. Great work by all. I look forward to Two Buck coming back for more. Thanks to Cherry Berry for taking us out in prayer.