A smaller crowd gathered at Pullen this morning, likely due to the launch of Whiplash, or perhaps some avoided the inevitable pain associated with a Bob Vila Q.  Whatever the case, Duff, Zima and Country Wide set off for the uphill run to THP.  Upon arrival, we see Howard trying to recruit some clients waiting on rides to class.  No luck finding any clients to join us today, but that doesn’t stop the fun.  We miss Torch and Freebird but hope to see them in the gloom again soon.


SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, I/W x 15, Mountain Climbers x 20


Pair up in back of parking lot.  Partner 1 sprints to back of building and back while Partner 2 does AMRAP merkins, flapjack.  Repeato but with Sumo Squats round 2, and Jingle Balls round 3.

Mosey over to side of building for an attempt at the Inverted Jack Webb x 4.  This is a tough one – don’t usually see something like this at The Arena but YHC found this on Charlotte F3 page recently and wanted to give it a shot.  Start in plank with feet on wall, merkin x 1, move up to balls to wall position, inverted shoulder press x 1, back to plank position for merkin x 2, etc. up to 4.

Over to rock pile on Goode St for:  Rock Samplers x 15, elevated Makhtar N’diaye’s x 15, Rock Samplers x 8, elevated Makhtar N’diaye’s x 8.  Rocks back.

Run up the hill on Biggs and take side entrance to Dix hospital, run around to interior courtyard for:  Dix Park Dips x 20, Step Ups x 20, Derkins x 20, Dix Park Dips x 10, Step Ups x 10, Derkins x 10, Dix Park Dips x 5, Step Ups x 5, Derkins x 5.

Back to THP courtyard for Mary:  LBC x 20, LSF x 20, Freddie Mercurys x 20


3rd F Convergence 9/23 at North Hills Club to hear Howard discuss his new mission.  HC by the 19th – see Fazio for more info.

Prayer requests and Howard took us out strong.

Howard, still nursing a bum ankle (heal up brother), drove back to Pullen while rest of Pax embarked on the uphill run back to Pullen.

Changes are on the horizon for The Arena.  Be on the lookout for a Pre Blast this week going over the new format.