YHC arrived to the Friday edition of the Recovery Road Triad (RRT) fifteen minutes early to find two Pax already waiting and stretching out. What the? This thing might be catching on after all. At start time we numbered eight, the largest RR w/o thus far. Dice better get his act together as Q.

The usual F3 boilerplate plus the RRT specials. Recovery Road is for those F3 injured and on the mend hoping to get back in the game at some point, those newly introduced to F3 but not quite read to run their gluteus off 3-4x a week in the first month, and the experienced F3 who’ve run their calves into the dirt and need a w/o away from lower body insanity.

As with the rest of F3, RR is open to all – but as a general rule we don’t keep track of who does what exercise or who drops out early on a set. There ain’t no mumble chatter about somebody opting out. The Q does harp on proper form though – just to keep those Pax from hurting themselves (again).

RRT schedule:

Monday “Disabled List”: 5:45 NHills Complex – Chuy’s Restaurant Grass lot aka the Midtown Park (amphitheater).

Wednesday “Injured Reserve”: 5:45 NHills Mall Movie Theater AstroTurf

Friday “Lame Duck”: 5:45 Root Elementary Lassiter Lot

Lame Duck’s Thang:
The Warm-up:
25 SSH slow pace
20 Good Mornings slow pace stretch
20 Imperial Walkers slow pace stretch
10 Prisoner Squats stretch
10/10 SF Arm Circles
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Prayer Squats stretch

Walk to the AstroTurf:
25 SSH fast pace
20 Merkins (That’s 20 4 count cycles, 2 merkins per cycle so 40 reps)
20 American Hammer (40 reps)
20 MakTar Jai (20 reps)
20 LBC (40 reps)
20 Caroline Dry Docks (20 reps)

Walk upstairs to the outside tables:
25 SSH fast pace
15 Irkins, High (30 reps)
15 Twist and Crunch Walkers
15 Dips (30 reps)
15/15 Step Ups (15 Right leg first, 15 Left Leg First)
15 Derkins (30 reps)

Tables second go round:
25 SSH fast pace
10 Irkins, High (20 reps)
10 Twist and Crunch Walkers
10 Dips (20 reps)
10/10 Step Ups (10 Right leg first, 10 Left Leg First)
10 Derkins (20 reps)

Walk back down stairs to AstroTurf:
25 SSH fast pace
10 Burpees
Merkins to fail (Larry David 44 cycles (88 reps), Marley 42 Cycles (84 reps)
American Hammer to fail (Larry David 60+ cycles (120+ reps)
MakTar Jai to fail (Larry David 41 cycles/reps, Marley 40 cycles/reps) How are those elbows?
LBC to fail or 50 – Larry David, Marley, Screech
Plank 60 count
Chilicut to fail (Larry David 1+ minute)


Prayer Request:
Hush Puppy’s Family
Floppy Disk’s Family
Injured F3

No Q’s thought for the day, Big Surprise.

BOM: Azule with thanks for allowing us the opportunity to get out to exercise and get out with others who help make us better men, husbands, fathers and people. Keep up the good work and example to others.

If this keeps on going, Dice will need to go to “Q School” as Larry David tried to help me out with proper protocol while my slightly oxygen deprived noggin was getting fuzzier until I realized during Mary I was trying to figure out why the astroturf smelled faintly akin to urine….and skipped about three cycles of cadence entirely