Nine PAX drug their sorry bodies through an hour of Villastein and have survived to tell about it (or at least be smart enough to find a different Q).


Warm Up: Jog to the stone circle for some Side Shuffle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, and Mountain Climbers. Recover on the jog.

The Thang: Jog to the picnic shelter for Dips, Irkins, and Durkins x10 each, recovering on the jog to the half-pipe. Groans of the men was music to my ears when I announced a set of 11’s, Burpees at the top and Murkins at the bottom. With 11s completed we move to the rock pile: Curls, Overhead Press, Triceps Extension, Bent Row, on our backs for some Chest Press and Russian Rock Hammers.

Now that everyone was thoroughly warmed we ambled over to the tennis courts for some faster moving fun. The entire group pushed Balls to the Wall while each man sprinted the length of the court and back, consecutively (admitted audible to People’s Chair after five runners). Next set was two-sided suicides starting at the center line of the middle court and working our way out to the farthest doubles lines. Repeato x3. I noticed as we finished that everyone was feeling a little lonely so it was time to partner up for some bear crawls and crab walks. Partners start together at the center line of the middle court, one bear crawling to one side and back, the other crab walking, switching when they meet again in the middle. Any waiting time was spent on Murkins. Recover on the jog.

While jogging along the path i was struck by the need to do prisoner squats before continuing back to the picnic shelter for another set of Dips, Irkins, and Durkins. Recovered, briefly, on the jog back to the mini-amphitheater for box jumps and Mary.

COT – Welcome FNG Webinar.