YHC was uncharacteristically awake at 4:30 am and was anxious to start the downpainment. In a chamber of commerce NC morning, 9 PAX arrived to pay their dues.

5 PAX for 6:15a pre-ruck– 2.33 miles, 20 merkins, 30 prisoner squats (35 minutes)


.5 mile Indian run to Walgreens parking lot
SSH x20
10 Burpees OYO
SSH x20
Good Mornings

The Thang:

Indian run away from Walgreens into a damp, vacant parking lot.

10 rounds with Tyson (50 of each with a 80 yd run)
-Standard Merkin
-Carolina Dry Docks
** 10 burpees were issued to PAX as an intermezzo
-Corkscrew Merkin
-Plank Jacks
-Partner Carry (10 sec on, 10 off, the length and back)

All 9 PAX finished this set in 26 minutes. As YHC asked for a time check, most within ear shot were shocked such little time had elapsed. Off we went for the second half.

Mosey to BC Elem for
-Peoples Chair x20 sec each
-BTW x10 sec each

Mosey to trailer for
– Spiderman up rail, 10 prisoner squats at bottom (repeat x3)

Under the awning the PAX gathered for two sets of
-Irkins x10
-Derkins x10
-Crab merkins x10

20 Rosalitas
20 Poke the hole
20 Hammers

Spurrier took us out with some of the strongest words to date.

Welcome back to the Gloom Coach D; who has been on IR for nearly five weeks and barely missed a beat. Strong work by all PAX at The Crick this morning! We really did the Tyson rounds in 20 minutes because of the warm-up time. At the end of the workout, it was nice to see we were all equally as smoked.

As always, it is a pleasure to lead the great men of F3. Getting up in the morning is much easier knowing that we are continually surrounded by men of this caliber.