Monday’s Fetzer beatdown was the essence of simplicity. Circuits of five burpees, 10-count each mountain climbers, merkins, Carolina dry docks, jump lunges and Freddie Mercurys with 30-count planks were executed in various corners of Navy Field and the field hockey turf and stadium, with quick sprints from one corner to the next in between. The occasional 100-yard sprint, Parker Peter, diamond merkin and plank jack were tossed in with no rhyme or reason. Six minutes of Mary was split between Navy Field and Fetzer track with LBC, Russian Hammers, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercurys, Windshield Wipers, Parker Peters, Hello Dolly and Long-Slow Flutters.

The Pax were summarily dismissed to rest up for Wednesday’s one-year anniversary workout of the launching of Rameses