On a stellar morning in the City of Oaks, we broke new ground with a 6:30am Saturday workout. Extra gloomy and muggy for this set, with the shovel flag planted in solid ground for the PAX of 19 we took off into dawn…..

The Thang: 

Run the up and down amphitheater steps 3 times through

C.O.P: Mountain Climbers x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15, Peter Chilcutt x 15, Low Plank Hold x 15, Decliners x 15….run to parking lot and partner up

The Blue Crush: Partner 1 jogs away, partner 2 performs chest to ground merkins x 7….then runs to tag partner. Partner 2 continues to jog as Partner 1 performs check to ground merkins x 7. Repeato through 2 full loops of the Blue Loop (1 mile ++ each time, 2 ++ miles total). AMRAPBurpees till all PAX are done. This took 20 minutes solid.

Walk the Rail from top of Amphitheater down to the bottom, walking lunge for 50 yards. Find a spot on the short wall.

Over the Wall: 5 Irkins, Donkey Kick over the wall, 5 derkins……10 times through. Jog to the “E”

Walking the Plank, Walking Lunge, People’s Chair x 20, Balls to the Wall x 20….jog back to amphitheater.

Crab Walk to bottom of stairwell. Quick feet all the way up, bear crawl down, quick feet all the way up again. Plank set at the top including the Swiss Merkin x 15

Walking the Rail up to the top. 6″ Leg Hold x 35

COT….Cinderella took us out in prayer

Naked Moleskin:

-The first installment of Whiplash is in the books. T-claps to Johnny Utah’s initiative to get this workout going and for King David recommending the location (all of which was pre-“The Judge”, Denali is one of us now and we are better for it, but not that creative. He is also a refusnik to the Crab Walk, not sure why). YHC is gassed, this workout has been added to the lineup for Qs to test their limits so the PAX can push their own. It’s how it will be each week so guys should come ready and if you are not there yet make it a personal goal.

– What’s up the workout title? Check it out: https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=&daddr=2110+Blue+Ridge+Road+Raleigh+NC&geocode=FdNqIgIdtAxP-ymPzeZ6LPSsiTGTS2RqjOeL_g&hl=en&mra=prev&sll=35.810003,-78.705484&sspn=0.007752,0.008776&ie=UTF8&z=17

-Great work by all on Thursday in Raleigh and Chapel Hill for their respective 9/11 Stair Climb event. Special thanks to Costco, Gnobby and Adolphus for making them well organized events. Also wonderful to see White Shoe at Crabtree, we miss you brother and your presence reminds just how much. Get healed up so you can come back on schedule.

-3rdF Dinner on Sept 23rd at Norh Hills Club, HC by the 19th so we can plan accordingly. See Fazio.

-2nd F this Thursday at Boylan Bridge Club. T-claps to Hushpuppy for hooking us up.

-Hear that sound? It’s the M.U.L.E. coming sooner than you think, Oct 25th is the date. Mark your calendars.

-I wanna RUCK! New Ruck workout starting Sept 27th in Brier Creek pre-The Crick on Saturdays called Quickhatch. Cinderella is the Q for the HEAVY 3/15/2015, whole lotta rucking going on these days.

-Soon to be known as “The Challenge” will be held at Flood Zone on 9/26 before the workout. See pre-blast, going to be…..memorable.

-Get out and post this week. EH a FNG and loop back to those who haven’t made it out in awhile.