9/26 Prior to floodzone in the extra credit portion… YHC and CK have volunteered for the sake of honor, merkin form, the enjoyment of the PAX and the great organization GORUCK have set up the following challenge:

Top deck of crabtree (above panera): 50x hand release merkins, lunge walk across the entire deck (length wise: away from edward’s mill), touch the far wall- sprint back: repeato.

First one to touch the wall where the hand release merkins began wins. 1-2 Judges need to withhold from the downpainment itself as CK has money/pain riding on the outcome. To his credit and the promotion of an event that teaches us to be better ‘Mericans, if CK loses to YHC, he has agreed that he shall join the Go Ruck Heavy Raleigh contingent at a cost to himself of $170. For details on the event to launch 3.13.15: https://www.goruck.com/heavy#.VBRNQfldVzM

The rest of the PAX are welcome to join in the event as your regularly scheduled extra credit.

When planning this event- YHC thought he had the Q after- incorrect- for whomever has the Q- sorry. We gotta do this.