SSH x 20

Windmill x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

Willie Mays Hays x 10

Slow Merkin x 15

The Thang

Partner up with man of equal size. Buddy carry down to playground

With your buddy carry partner as your spotter, each man got 2 sets of 10 pull ups each. The non-pull-up group rotated through monkey humpers, jump lunges, squats and little man SSH. Spotter also did these exercises while not spotting.

Buddy carried down to the tennis courts for a quick suicide, sprinting down and backwards run back – run to 2nd court and back, 4th court and back, 6th court and back. Plank upon completion.

Buddy carry up the hill back up to the field (switching along the way as needed).

PAX lined up in position to run across one full field. While one man and his partner sprinted across the field with 45 lb. rucks on, the group completed the following exercises, switching/passing the ruscks upon each pairs return:

– Tuck jumps

– Dry Docks

– Burpees

– Mountain climbers

– Low plank hold

– Line jumps

Tried an Indian run while passing the ruck – the ruck passing slowed us down more than expected, so to make up for the slower pace, we finished with a sprint across both fields and back, then into Mary.

Mary consisted of one round of LBCs, then to finish Shovel subjected us to a flutter kick ring of fire, going around the circle with each man counting out 5, totaling 90+ flutter kicks. The end!