Great to get back in the Q schedule after particularly busy spring travel — and with my 3yr F3 anniversary recently celebrated, what better place for a little AO Q-reciprocity than NH Park’s closest neighbor, Catalyst!

26-ish PAX showed up and persevered, including 2 FNGs Countrywide (in absentia) had EH’d for the past 3 yrs.  Here’s what we did.

Circle up for good mornings x 20, windmills x 25, Fazio forward/reverse x 10 each.  Off we go — run up Six Forks and cross over to Trinity Baptist Church.  Line up along parking lot curb for line of pain.  Plank on curb for merkins x 25, plank jack x 25, nippler x 25, plank walk ~20 yards, nippler x 25, merkins x 20, ski abs x 25, plank walk back ~20 yards, mtn climber x 25, nippler x 25, merkin x 15 and recover on the run down Manchester Drive.  Stop at corner of Rampart, conveniently beside a large stack of cinder blocks at a house under construction.  Grab a block for CBB (cinder block burpees) x 10, curls x 20, block swings x 15 OYO, overhead press x 20, staggered merkin on block R x 15, then L x 15 and finally, block squat x 20.  Return blocks to pile.

Head over to hard tennis courts at North Hills Club (insanely crowded at 730am?) — half the PAX people’s chair while other half complete 4 court doubles line suicides (out court 1, back, court 2, back, blah, blah).  Flapjack, then bolt before Azul’s membership was revoked.

Run down Yadkin, stop at Northbrook Corner for prisoner squats, then monkey humpers x 25.  Run up Northbrook, stop at Terry Street corner for squat hold and fast feet x 20.  Continue back to Carroll and circle up for Mary: LBC x 50, Freddy Merc x 25, WW2 OYO x 15, 10 1-legged burpees R x 10 OYO, Box Cutter x 25, 10 1-legged burpees L x 10 OYO, H2H x 50.  Done.


We need Q’s at multiple F3 Raleigh AO’s. Ask for help if it’s your first time. If you get something out of F3 and haven’t stepped up to lead, consider doing so.  You won’t regret it.

Welcome FNGs Short Pump and 20% Off — thanks, Dad for bringing your boy out!

4th of July Convergence – watch Twitter or email.

Man Ram, people actually read your tweets — thanks for the profile inspiration of 1 Timothy 4:8 — For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Safe travels and Godspeed for all our kids in and/or going to summer camps.

Praise and thanksgiving for Flatline showing up to quite simply, acknowledge the brotherhood of F3 and the power of prayer.

Blessings, gentlemen.