YHC was a Forge regular just 2 years ago, but with Southwake now having a Tuesday option and our #s growing I haven’t been able to attend like I would like.  YHC and Stark made the drive up this am to deliver a Southwake beat down to our ITB friends.  Countrywide pulled in right on time we delivered the disclaimer and the 31 pax were off.

The Thang…

Run around the lake and then up the stairs for the warm up.

Warm Up- SSH X25, Burpees X10, GMs X 15, IWs and Hill Billy’s X 10 each

Back & Forth

Jacobs Ladder between the two hills 6 times up on each hill.

Grab a Rock and carry above head up to the Top Tennis courts. Carry rock above head across the 3 courts and do a burpee, increase count by 1 on each side- X8.

Run back down to the entrance of the park for Mary.

Mary- RLBCs X50, LBCs X25(hold at top for 2 count).

COT- We welcomed FNG Trzcinski this young buck(23) works in the Mattress industry thus the name.  YHC introduced the Pax to Stark, and we lifted several folks up with prayers and gave thanks for a Praise.  I forgot to mention Howard who’s in Africa for the next 5 weeks please pray for him and Cindi.   Countrywide took us out with a mighty prayer.  Always a pleasure to lead you guys and see familiar faces I don’t see quite as much any more.  Keep giving the EH to guys in Southwake and send them our way!