June 3rd was my 1-year F3 Anniversary, so I’m Qing all my regular AOs this week.

Friday – Boiler Room – DONE

Saturday – The Farm – TODAY

Monday – Agoge

Tuesday – Bandwidth

Thursday – Max Bandwidth

Today is my 18th post at the Farm.  During my kids’ soccer season, it’s difficult to get out on Saturday mornings, but it’s always a great group of guys.  This workout covered some of the most memorable exercises in my last year at The Farm.

Special thanks to Disco Duck and WWW for making the trek up from Carpex to join us!


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (20)

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles (12 forward and 12 reverse)

-Moroccan Night Clubs (20)

-Good Mornings (10) (group moan in Floppy’s absence)

-Imperial Walkers (20)

-Mountain Climbers (15)


The Thang

Mosey to the pull-up bars

I’ve done The Murph twice in the past year, both times at The Farm.  Once was extra credit before our Veteran’s Day workout with BiLo, the other when Boingo couldn’t think of anything else better to do.  With folks still sore from the Memorial Day convergence Murph and with lots of things on the docket today, we split into teams of 5-ish to split up The Murph.

Each PAX does

-20 Pull-ups

-40 Merkins

-60 Squats

-AMRAP LBCs until everyone else is done


Mosey to the picnic shelter


Everyone grabs the seat portion of a picnic bench and does—

-10 Creature Merkins (get in Erkin position on the bench, keeping your toes in the same spot, rotate your full body 90 degrees to the left and down to the concrete, perform one Merkin (that’s 1), rotate your full body back up to Erkin position on the picnic bench and keep going 90 more degrees to the right and down to the concrete, perform one Merkin (that’s 2)

-20 Picnic Table Shrugs (thanks, Bill Nye, for introducing me to these)


Mosey to the old rock pile, pick up the remaining good-sized rocks, and carry them to the new rock pile by the track


We’ve had many good rock workouts at The Farm, one of the best being Moonshine’s Trick or Treat Halloween workout.  In honor, we do—

-15 Bicep Curls

-15 Overhead Triceps Extensions

-20 Bent-over Rows

-15 Overhead Presses

-1 set of Colt 45s

(we moved a few rocks to the left after each set)


Return the rocks to the pile and line up on the soccer field.  Split into two lines in plank position, side-by-side, leaving enough room for one person in between.  One of the most infamous exercises ever called at The Farm was Nailzz’s Brother Merkins, or Merkins on Your Brother, or something like that.  That name wasn’t even close to describing the exercise, so we renamed them—

-Shawshank Merkins (first PAX performs one Standard Merkin on the ground, one Staggered Merkin with left hand on his neighbor’s shoulder/back and right hand on the ground, one Standard “Prison” Merkin with both hands on his neighbor’s hips, one Staggered Merkin with right hand on his neighbor’s shoulder/back and left hand on the ground…continue with a Standard Merkin on then ground and then on to the next neighbor in Choo-Choo fashion)

Shawshank Merkins are one of the PAX’s least favorite exercises, but F3sbee is one of our favorites, and the reason I came to The Farm for the very first time instead of going to Weekend Crick.  We play standard Ultimate Frisbee, but each time the frisbee touches the ground (excluding kickoffs), all PAX do 10 reps of an exercise.  The first time it hits, it’s 10 chest exercises.  The next time, it’s 10 leg exercises.  The next time, it’s 10 core exercises.  The next time, cycle back to chest exercises.  We find it best to do them with the Q calling cadence to avoid any cheats in form to try and finish first.  Each touchdown is worth 5 points; first team to 25 wins.  An option is to have the losing team perform 25 burpees at the conclusion of the game, with the winning team doing as many burpees as points scored by the losing team.


Mosey back to the flag





Count-a-rama:  18 PAX



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-Carpex Crazy Train – Saturday, June 9th – Ride the Amtrak 92 train at 0808 from Cary to Raleigh ($7) and run back (13.7 miles).  Details at www.f3carpex.com.

-Rho Smile Train Triathlon – Sunday, June 24th, 0800 – 250-meter pool swim, 12-mile bike ride, 5k run. $60 if you sign up today; $70 before 6/21; $80 up through race day.  Floppy and Flintstone are in!  Details at https://milesintosmiles.com/event/smile-train-triathlon.

-Tunnel to Towers 5k – Saturday, September 15th, 0800 – Corner of South White Street and Elm Street.  Registration is $35 ($45 the day of the race) and includes timing bib and t-shirt.  Details at www.tunnel2towers.org.

-Legend Race – Saturday, September 15th, 0900 – 5027 Hancock Road, Oxford, NC.  $45 + $4.56 fee for regular wave; $55 + $5.12 fee for elite/competitive wave.  Details at www.legendrace.com.

-White Street Brewery evening runs on Tuesday nights – 7 pm – 3-mile and 5-mile options


Good work and thanks for helping me celebrate.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.