Focused today on a message about some of the other relationships in our lives.  YHC talked about his 3 sisters and how those relationships can be taken for granted. We all have so much in our lives to balance but let’s make sure we are there for our siblings when they need us.

Started on the jog around the fields and continued towards baseball field and circled up along the way for a plank hold and w/u including SSH ICx20, Moroccan Night Clubs ICx15, good mornings ICx10 and some arm stretches.

Continued on the jog around to the baseball lots and set up for a modified Build a Bear. Each man took a parking space, bear crawl to curb, 3 erkins, slide to other corner of space along curb and 3 more erkins. Crawl bear back to start of space.  We did 8x then 1 more for good measure at the end.  Focus was on form.  54 merkins.

We headed to The Abyss and thanks to a brain cramp ended up with a little extra run including some off road work across a couple ditches, but all good because we found a stash of cinder blocks – spoiler alert – good chance we will stumble upon these at a future post. At the stairs we partnered up for accountability.  It was 10 partner merkins up top, down the stairs, 10 partner merkins at the bottom.  Repeat to 80, return to top and squat hold for the 6.  Not many sets of stairs so encouraged all to really push themselves.  Up to 134 merkins.

Recovered on the jog back to start and over to the wall, split in groups of 2 to alternate BTTW and merkins with merkins to an 8 count.  Did this 4x.  166 merkins but I know for a fact everyone did at least an extra 10 at some point, so we called it 176 – but wait, there’s more.

Circled up for MARY and ran through some LBC, WWII, Homer to Marge, Pickle Pounders and closed with LBCs.

Countoff was 22 #HIM


Emeril noted the merkin count and pushed us all to do 24 more to even it up at 200 for the day.

Announcements – F3 Picnic we plan to eat at 1130, shirt order, raising $ for Shredder’s Mission Trip, Mentoring opportunity for boys without a father figure, Yogurt on the Virgin Q at Sheepdog tomorrow

Prayer Requests – Shredder for Mission Trip, Nemo’s coworker for sudden loss of her father, injured F3 guys, Crablegs, and Breach offered a reminder yesterday was D Day and we honor all those who sacrificed

EC for Nemo, Chips and 187

Guys were putting in the work out there today.  No slacking, no downtime, just good accountable effort.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead.