June 3rd was my 1-year F3 Anniversary, so I’m Qing all my regular AOs this week.  This is the last one!

Friday – Boiler Room – DONE

Saturday – The Farm – DONE

Monday – Agoge – DONE

Tuesday – Bandwidth – DONE

Thursday – Max Bandwidth – TODAY

Today is my 49th post at Max Bandwidth.  Of those 49 posts, all of the Qs except for one are still regular attendees (The Cubs stink, Matlock!).  We’ve had a lot of memorable workouts at Max Bandwidth, and I chose some of the best/worst/suckiest to relive this morning.  Honorable mention goes to Flintstone’s Sandbags, Lime-A-Rita’s Rocky Run where I sprained the mess out of my ankle, Marmalade’s Fighting the Weasel, Lime-A-Rita’s Eagles Trivia, and Frosted Flake’s Thanksgiving Convergence…who doesn’t want to do a turkey fight at 5:30 in the morning?


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (20)

-Moroccan Night Clubs (20)

-Good Mornings (10)

-Imperial Walkers (20)

-Mountain Climbers (15)

-“The Grinder” Leg Stretch (10-count each leg)


The Thang

Dialtone Qed the largest number of my posts with 8, so in honor of his (and JoePa’s) usual first exercise, we Indian Run around the campus.


Stopping at the playground, we combine two of the biggest beatdowns of the year—VHS’s burpee pull-ups and Atari’s Balls to the Wall Get-ups (from his Stranger Things workout).

Set of 7s

-start with 6 Burpee Pull-ups (burpee, but on your jump up, grab the bar and do a pull-up)

-run to the wall

-plank with feet next to the wall, “walk” yourself up into handstand/Balls to the Wall position, return to plank (that’s 1)

-run back to the playground pull-up bar for 5 Burpee Pull-ups



As tribute to B&E’s great ab workout from a few weeks ago and his Morning Call workout, we do—

Morning Call Ab Knee Lifts

Round One

-all PAX Plank

-first man heads to the pull-up bar, hangs from it, and does 16 Ab Knee Lifts

-once he concludes, he returns to plank, and the next man hangs from the bar and does 16 Ab Knee Lifts

(modification—next man can start his 16 when the previous man gets halfway done)


Round Two

-same, except all PAX Squat Hold instead of Planking

16 Knee Lifts were chosen as tribute to Lime-A-Rita and his Cam Newton Sucks workout.  Cam Newton threw 16 interceptions last season.


Mosey around the campus to the SuckBricks for a snippet of my Star Wars:  The Last Jedi workout

-15 Force Pushups (Erkins where you push all the way up and off of the SuckBrick (hand clap optional))

-10 Jedi Jumps (Box Jumps)

-10 Jedi Steps (Lunging Step-ups on the SuckBricks – each leg is half a rep)


Mosey to the crosswalk for the 12th day of Lime-A-Rita’s 12 Days of Christmas

-12 Flutter Kicks (in cadence)

-11 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)

-10 Jumping Lunges (each leg is half a rep)

-9 LBCs (in cadence)

-8 Standard Merkins

-7 Sidestraddle Hops (in cadence)

-6 American Hammers (in cadence)

-5 Shoulder Taps (each shoulder is half a rep)

-4 Freddie Mercuries (in cadence)

-3 Diamond Merkins

-2 Sumo Squats (in cadence)

-1 Star Jump and a Burpee


Mosey to the “North Pole” and back


My most memorable post at Max Bandwidth was in the snow on January 18th, 2018.  It was my “PAX of 1” workout, where I was the lone attendee.  I grabbed a SuckBlock (cinder block), and did a bunch of block work and Merkins, Erkins, and Derkins, intermixed with laps around the building.  As tribute, we grab a SuckBlock and do—

-15 Bicep Curls

-15 Triceps Extensions

-15 Overhead Presses


Return the SuckBlocks to the woods and mosey back to the flag





Count-a-rama:  9 PAX



-The new NE Wake shirt design is up at https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-ne-wake-shirts-pre-order.  We need 12 orders by June 21st.  The Deck of Death offering on mudgear.com ends June 9th.

-Carpex Crazy Train – Saturday, June 9th – Ride the Amtrak 92 train at 0808 from Cary to Raleigh ($7) and run back (13.7 miles).  Details at www.f3carpex.com.

-Rho Smile Train Triathlon – Sunday, June 24th, 0800 – 250-meter pool swim, 12-mile bike ride, 5k run. $60 if you sign up today; $70 before 6/21; $80 up through race day.  Floppy and Flintstone are in!  Details at https://milesintosmiles.com/event/smile-train-triathlon.

-Tunnel to Towers 5k – Saturday, September 15th, 0800 – Corner of South White Street and Elm Street.  Registration is $35 ($45 the day of the race) and includes timing bib and t-shirt.  Details at www.tunnel2towers.org.

-Legend Race – Saturday, September 15th, 0900 – 5027 Hancock Road, Oxford, NC.  $45 + $4.56 fee for regular wave; $55 + $5.12 fee for elite/competitive wave.  Details at www.legendrace.com.

-White Street Brewery evening runs on Tuesday nights – 7 pm – 3-mile and 5-mile options


Good work and thanks for helping me celebrate.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.