Warmup: SSH, Good Mornings, Arm Circles, Plank Jacks and Mountain Climbers.

Main Workout:

Forward/Rewinds @ back parking lot: Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear, Forward Crabwalk/Backward Crabwalk, Duck Walk/Backward Duck Walk.

Leg Pushdowns, Set of 3×10: Australian Mountain Climbers and Star Jumps followed by Leg Pushdowns (Note: LED tries to bury your feet in the concrete).

3 Sets of 10, 15 and 20: Box Jumps and Monkey Humpers on the big stage

Suicides (running), Suicides (Bear crawl w/ 10 Merkins) on Tennis Courts

Mary: Round the Clock Pickle Pounders, LBCs, Box Cutters, American Hammers, Boat Canoe’s, WWII and 2.0 finished strong with a wrap up with Freddy Mercury (Yellow Card) and a Regular Merkin (Key Chain).


Announcements: Arena could use more attendance (Fridays at 2:30), Picnic at Harris Lake Saturday (10am till later, eat at 11:30). U-Turn Sat at 6:00.

First ever 2.0 Co-Q for SouthWake on Thursday 14th at Disney by Yellow Card and Key Chain.

Prayer’s/Praises: CHiPs and Dori 16 year Anniversary, CrabLegs, those injured/recovering, unspoken.