Sheepdog Back Blast 6/8/18
PAX of 6 (“Six Pax”) posted for my Virgin Q: . I really appreciate the support!
Run to Warm ups in field
– Side straddle hop
– Windmills
– Fozzy arm circles
– Arm stretches
– Michael Phelps
Volunteer to count Merkins – The Natural

Fancy feet on the way
back to front wall

First wall. The site has good, long, 24” tall walls that I utilized for multiple exercises.
– “Coach Browns” (throwback to PE100 at NC State. Fitness test is Coach Brown’s voice “UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN” on a scratchy old cassette tape)
– Derkins
– Dips
– Lemon squeezer (ab work: your 6 on the wall, legs out, chest out, leaning back)

Second wall
– More Coach Browns
– Bulgarian squats (one legged squats, resting back let on wall
– More Derkins
– More dips

Run to First corner of field (field has nice even slopes on the edges)
– Derkins-utilizing the downhill slope
– Slow count Merkins with perfect form
– Side shuffle squat (starting position is squat, then “shuffle” sideways 50 yards and back)
– Bear walks (same 50 yards down and back)

Third wall
– More Coach Browns
– More Derkins
– More dips
– Lemon squeezer (Sequential PAX count-off til we got to 50)

Fourth wall – you get the idea
3 minutes to go, so back to parking lot. Surprise! Time flies when you’re having fun!
COT with LipSync taking us out with a nice prayer.
And The Natural wrapped us up with Merkins to reach 167 as a group. Nice!