June 3rd will be my 1-year F3 Anniversary, so I’m Qing all my regular AOs this week.

Friday – Boiler Room

Saturday – The Farm

Monday – Agoge

Tuesday – Bandwidth

Thursday – Max Bandwidth

Today is my 41st Boiler Room post.  What a great bunch of guys who are all willing to suffer…as long as there’s coffee at the Harris Teeter Starbucks afterwards.

This workout features some of the highlights (lowlights?) from my past year at Boiler Room.


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (20)

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles (12 forward and 12 reverse)

-Moroccan Night Clubs (20)

-Good Mornings (10)

-Willie Mays Hayes (10)

-“The Grinder” Leg Stretches (10-count each leg)


The Thang

In the 40 posts I made at Boiler Room, BiLo Qed the most, with 8 solo Qs and 3 shared Qs.  His favorite thing to do is “run and do some stuff”, so off we go to “run and do some stuff”.

Run on the Greenway to the first set of benches.

-As many PAX as can fit on the benches do 10 Mike Tyson push-ups (Uggs introduced me to these in my second post at Boiler Room) while the rest do AMRAP J-Los.  Swap once a spot becomes available on the bench.

Continue running on the Greenway to the next set of benches.

-As many PAX as can fit on the benches do 10 left-right step-ups and 10 right-left step-ups while the rest do AMRAP V-Ups (BiLo had us do a ton of these during his infamous Black Friday workout).  Swap once a spot becomes available on the bench.

Continue running on the Greenway toward the original Boiler Room parking lot and on up to the rock pile (about 1.25 miles total since we left the flag).

Pick a “don’t wuss out” rock and carry it to the bus parking lot near the marching band trailers.


The Dude was the third most frequent Q at my Boiler Room posts with 4 total Qs.  One of his favorite things to do is parking lot suicides.  As a modification of this idea, we do–

-Rock suicides with curls (start at line 0, carry rock to line 1, perform 1 curl, put rock down, run back to line 0, run to line 1, pick up rock and carry it to line 2, perform 2 curls, put rock down, run back to line 0, etc. until you’re up to 10 curls at line 10)

-Rock suicides with overhead triceps extensions (10 lines)

Return rocks to the pile.


Even though he’s barely been seen since November, Roger Rabbit Qed the second most of my Boiler Room workouts with 7.

To honor Rabbit’s merciless basketball workouts, we embarrass ourselves with some free throw shooting.  Each PAX attempts two free throws.  If they miss both, the group does 5 squats.  If they make either one, we rest.  9 of the 13 PAX miss both free throws…although some were almost able to hit rim and/or backboard.  4 of the PAX make one of their free throws (although some are banked in), which is a dramatic improvement over our past performance.  Kudos to Melamine, Frosted Flake, Uggs, and YHC Spit Valve for somehow finding the bottom of the net.


Mosey back to the flag.





Count-a-rama:  13 PAX



-The new NE Wake shirt design should be up on f3.mudgear.com any day now.  I will send a reminder out once it’s available for purchase.

-Carpex Crazy Train – Saturday, June 9th – Ride the Amtrak 92 train at 0808 from Cary to Raleigh ($7) and run back (13.7 miles).  Details at www.f3carpex.com.

-Rho Smile Train Triathlon – Sunday, June 24th, 0800 – 250-meter pool swim, 12-mile bike ride, 5k run. $60 if you sign up today; $70 before 6/21; $80 up through race day.  Floppy and Flintstone are in!  Details at https://milesintosmiles.com/event/smile-train-triathlon.

-Tunnel to Towers 5k – Saturday, September 15th, 0800 – Corner of South White Street and Elm Street.  Registration is $35 ($45 the day of the race) and includes timing bib and t-shirt.  Details at www.tunnel2towers.org.


Good work and thanks for helping me celebrate.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.