3 PAX braved the gloom (actually it was quite nice, temperature-wise) for their Thursday edition of pain. Because the 2 other PAX were relatively new to F3, yours truly realized that he could copy a previous workout and it would seem shiny and new today. I chose to run the A-Z workout from November 2014. This would give the newer PAX an opportunity to see a variety of the different exercises that we run regularly.

A- Annihilators, Shoulders x 30 each side
B- Burpees x 15
C- Carolina Dry Docks x 25
D- Derkins x 20
E- Elbow planks x 30 seconds
F- Flerkins, Mc x 20
G- Grapevine x 2
H- Hammers, Russian 15 each side
I- Indian Run to Tobacco Trail
J- Jump Lunges x 25
K- Knee to chest jumps x 30
L- Low Jacks x 30
M- Merkins x 20 Then Run to PAINGROUND
N- Next Up…Dragon Walking
O- Oh no! Bear crawls
P- Pull ups x 10
Q- Quad Hops x 20
R- Running back to main building
S- Snowboarders x 10 each side
T- Tricep dips x 25
U- Up and Downs x 10
V- VJJ’s x 20
W- Wall sits x 30 count
X- Xtremely low planks x 10 seconds
Y- Ye olde Wall Jumps x 10
Z- Zoinks! More Burpees x 5

Mary: Because of the instructional nature of today’s workout, we had to cut down some of the reps and skip Mary altogether. We’ll see her next time.

Strong effort by Griswold and Aggasi
Merlot spillage by Aggasi. This is a time honored tradition and shows you are pushing yourself hard. Keep it up. At least it wasn’t on your first posting like Flying J.