Nine PAX members took The Judge to task for the first spin around NC Art Museum. We covered 3.4 miles and did four and a half sets of exercises.

Total – 100 box jumps, 100 derkins, 100 dips, 100 LBCs and 50 burpees.

After the run back, we did some Mary (LBC, Flutter, ‘Merican Hammer, and Dying Cockroach).



– Today was the first addition of The Judge. Butterflies were present and the Q was like a toddler on Christmas morning. #forgotnamearama #oops

– First guy I see in the parking lot is Charlotte’s favorite spaghetti tour member, Cannoli. Dude drove all the way from Charlotte just to say he was there first. #commitment Not really, but let’s assume that he did so his legend will grow.

– Second guy I meet in the parking lot is New Mexico. Start a new work-out, New Mexico will be there! Loyal road warrior! Great job in always pushing and proving that no work-out is too far from the Quay.

– Yo Yo and Bob Villa were out in front of the PAX. What else is new. Good push. Villa is great at your Q events as he’s always on the balls of his feet with a witty come back. Good physical and mental push today brother!


– Come next week! 5:30 each Thursday at NC Art Museum.

New Mexico took us out with a great prayer!

Thanks for coming out and I look forward to The Judge growing!