If you are not burned out from running hills yet, this weekend will be another opportunity to run.  If you haven’t pushed hard in your training, this is an opportunity to do so.

Saturday 06:00 – Pre Bootcamp run.  A few of us will be at Pullen Park for a 5+ mile run, goal is 45 minutes of running, mostly flat on roads/sidewalks.

Saturday 21:00 (9pm) – Laurel Hills Park (http://goo.gl/Qxy1pm).  Show up a few minutes early, bring a headlamp, reflective vest, and flashers for your backside.  We will loop around the greenways, martin middle school, ridge road and back to the park.  5+ miles.

Sunday 16:00 (4pm) – North Hills Park – Meet in the parking lot, we will loop through greenways and tackle the Half Pipe (Lassiter Mill Rd).  8-9 miles.

Run Strong.