Happy Thanksgiving F3 nation! Today’s Durham Tobacco Trail edition features 4 PAX who braved the cold (24 degrees) to purchase Turkey Day indulgences. Herndon Park was frosty and icy in places but it was a good start to a calorie filled day. On the docket today A-Z exercises. It isn’t as easy as you would expect to fill the alphabet with alliterative names, so some liberties were taken. Think of it as the alphabetical version of F3-9000 fuzzy math.

A- Annihilators, Shoulders x 30 each side
B- Burpees x 15
C- Carolina Dry Docks x 25
D- Derkins x 20
E- Elbow planks x 60 seconds
F- Flerkins, Mc x 20
G- Grapevine x 2
H- Hammers, Russian 30 each side
I- Indian Run to Tobacco Trail
J- Jump Lunges x 25 each side
K- Knee to chest jumps x 30
L- Low Jacks x 1 minute
M- Merkins x 20 Then Run to PAINGROUND
N- Next Up…Dragon Walking
O- Oh no! Bear crawls
P- Pull ups x 10
Q- Quad Hops x 25
R- Running back to main building
S- Snowboarders x 15 each side
T- Tricep dips x 25
U- Up and Downs x 10
V- VJJ’s x 20
W- Wall pushups x 15
X- Xtremely low planks x 40 seconds
Y- Ye olde Wall Jumps x 20
Z- Zoinks! More Burpees x 10

Mary was skipped today. She was in the kitchen cooking us some food. (Sorry to all the Ms who see that, it was your husband’s joke).

Moleskin: Happy Thanksgiving all. Safe travels to those who will be away. Watch out for diabetes. Watch at least 3 hours of football. And if you can’t have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, join me in Marietta, Ohio where I will be looking for the nicest open Chinese Restaurant.