YHC is trying to step up his workout game. I decide to post early for EC, make it back just in time. I am totally out of breath. Maybe not the best idea…

I am told we have an FNG. I see a face I don’t recognize. Nope, that’s just one of two out-of-towners posting with us. FNG is properly identified, disclaimer is given.

Warm Up

Mosey from parking lot around loop to kids’ basketball court

Good mornings, Side Straddle Hops, Hillbillies, Mercans, calf stretches

The Thang

Grab a partner, grab a rock for Dora 1-2-3s. Team is responsible for 100 Rock Curls, 200 Rock Squats, and 300 Rock Little Baby Crunches. 1st partner runs outer loop while 2nd partner works on exercises. Flapjack when partner 1 returns. Repeato until all exercises completed. Return rocks, mosey to picnic shelter.

At shelter benches, Left-Right Step Ups x10, Dips x10, Ircans x10. Repeat all three x15. Repeat all three again x15. YHC has some cadence issues here. PAX are polite, or I am deaf.

Mosey to parking lot, split into three groups for Pendulum. 1st group does Imperial Squat Walkers (AMRAP) while 2 & 3 mosey to top of lot. Group 2 does World War 1 Sit Ups (AMRAP) while Group 3 moseys back to Group 1 to relieve them and start the Pendulum. Tony Danza reminds YHC of the impending hard stop. Bring everybody in, mosey to basketball courts for Mary/COT.

Mary: I honestly don’t remember, but we finish with 45 dying cockroaches since Cinderella keeps mentioning how he is expecting 45 of something for the birthday milestone. Followed by Have a Nice Day.

COT: FNG Naming fun. FNG is a former Army Ranger, a friend of Hope Solo. He is now a lawyer, I believe for the State. Somehow this led to Family Feud. Richard Dawson becomes Dick Dawson via Cindy’s strong campaign about the alliterative nature of the name. I think about Richard Dawson’s character on Hogan’s Heroes for a military tie-in but can’t remember the character’s name. Dick Dawson it is. Cinderella takes us out.

Naked Moleskin

Great to lead, appreciated the PAX support when I fell short of my exercise counts for the Doras. Tony Danza in particular for telling me multiple times it was my birthday, so I could do what I want. Thank you for the opportunity to lead and the challenge to push myself.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Bartles & James (Atlanta?), Believer, BuzzFeed, Cinderella, Dick Dawson (FNG), Far Side, Hope Solo, Pigpen (YHC), Tony Danza, Total Recall (Winston Salem), Van Der Beek, Vortex, Woody
Workout Date: 07/26/18