12 Dirty Dozen PAX posted a Big MACS turned forced fed Nasty Macs themed WO.  No FNGs so minimal disclaimers before start.

Warmup:  25 SSH, 20 WM, 20 IW

Mosey to location 1, 10 burpees on arrival

Big MAC= run big loop then spell out MACS with exercises

1 loop, M=merkins, freddy mercuries  50 of each

1 loop, A= air squats, American hammer 35 of each

1/2 loop, 10 burpees on arrival to rock pit, C= rock curls, triCep extensions 50 of each

1 loop, 10 burpees on arrival to picnic tables S=LR Stepups, Suckit Dying Cocroaches 35 of each

Mosey to parking lot, 10 burpees on arrival

Mary: WWII situps, flutterkicks, fire hydrant (side abs with leg raising), plank, Am hammer.

Prayers for those having surgery, unable to participate, Riley (new F3 brother struggling).  YHC took us out in prayer.