Four years in the Gloom! YHC decided to skip EC this week after learning his lesson from two weeks ago with EC before a Q. Maybe someday soon. BuzzFeed, Woody, and Spin Class for EC, Spin Class for the extra extra credit finishing all the way up the Glen Eden hill instead of taking the shortcut.

Warm Up:
Mosey around parking lot. Near the park entrance, almost get flattened by a very large, black pick up coming in hot. Circle back to pick up this eager FNG. Mosey to bottom corner of lot nearest the playground entrance.
-25 Side Straddle Hops
-15 Good Mornings
-15 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward, 15 reverse
-20 Imperial Walkers
-20 ‘Mercans
-Plank for PAX 10 counts around circle

The Thang:
-Count of by twos and partner up. Similar to a Dora 1-2-3, Partner 1 does burpees while Partner 2 runs to top of parking lot, performs 10 ‘Mercans, and returns. Flapjack. Continue until Partners total 100 Burpees. So more like a Dora 1-0-0.
-Mosey to rock pile, grab a rock, circle up on the kids’ basketball court. 10-15-10 pyramid with sets of curls, overhead presses, bent over rows, and triceps extensions.
-Indian Run counter clockwise around big loop, with a detour at the water fountain. PAX squat hold while anyone wanting some water gets some. Stay hydrated, kids! Mosey back to rocks.
-Four sets of 10 reps of squat-curls to overhead press. Return rocks, mosey to main basketball court for Mary.

PAX-called Mary exercises around the circle.
YHC: Homer-to-Marge x20
Spin Class: Box Cutters x15
Believer: Plank Jacks x15
Vortex: World War I/IIs x15
Big Data: Freddie Mercury x20
BuzzFeed: Cross-leg crunches x10 each side
Woody: Dying Cockroaches x20
Schembechler: Protractor 10-45-90-45-10
FNG: Little Baby Crunches x20 (our suggestion)
FNG: Have a Nice Day (his original suggestion)
Overtime! Sorry fellas, ran over 0630 stop at this point

9 PAX, FNG has an inventor background (amongst other things), PAX settles on Inspector Gadget.
No spoken prayers, YHC took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
Many thanks to Grillz for first getting me out in the Gloom.
Four years ago I showed up late to a dark, quiet parking lot, out of shape and wondering where everybody was. Luckily the workout stayed on campus and the sounds of cadence lead me around the main building to the “First Bell”. Today, I am struck by the wonderful consistency of this thing we call F3. While an individual’s participation may ebb and flow over time, the group is present and ready, and for that I am grateful.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Believer, Big Data, BuzzFeed, Inspector Gadget (FNG), Pigpen, Schembechler, Spin Class, Vortex, Woody
Workout Date: 08/09/18