YHC was excited to be back after my week off to the beach and wanted to lay another beatdown at Mad Mule!  Great to see some new faces and reviewed throughout modifications that can be made and how we all will finish together. PNG, Burn Out, and Flathead all came in ready for some major leakage (sweating)

Warm up in cadence: SSH, Squats, WindMills each 15x, Walking Butt kickers, walking knee hugs, Grapevine left and right with FNG’s looking light on their feet performing football drills!

Indian Run for some Balls to the wall at the Armory only to find swamp conditions around the fence, audible to the softball feild fence to notice a car parking across the street at the Armory.  FNG (Knockout) and co-worker at Harnett Health has found the PAX.  He jumps in and instructions given. Stay in balls to wall and relay around from right to end of line left, yell next and continue through 2 rounds until every body has run twice.

Mosey (slow jog) for some Suicides at Basketball court, after each round  10 Merkins, plankarama for the six and rinse/repeat 3 rounds.  10 count by the PAX after each round.

Scout Run to pull up bars with a fire now lite under Rebar and Bender (to be named later). PNG reminded YHC I had failed to state the Disclaimer for FNG’s.

Partner Pull ups, 10 as a team to complete any way possible (7/3, 5/5, 9,1, etc), Assist your partner at the legs for his reps.  Lunge to sidewalk together and mosey back. Rinse and repeat 5 rounds.

Mosey to shelter for some stations: 1 min each

Straight Leg Dead Lift with Bar, Dips on bench, Hallelujahs 3lbs each UE, High Knees (stationary or uptempo), Merkin row (#5), Mountain Climbers, Tire “kettlebell” swing.


COT/BOM: Prayers for families, illnesses, Job related, interviews, Prayers for M’s family, prayer for leaders in Benson and our leadership in our families and places of work.

Moleskin: No matter what you do be the best at it, in the book “Freed to Lead” it takes about climbing a mountain and thinking that at the top there is a plateau where we finally get to rest.  Guess what? Once you think you’ve arrived you will get lazy, complacent.  What we are here for is to continue to push each other to be better physically, better fathers, friends, brothers and to push each other to use each of our gifts for those in our church, community, workplace.  We are men, designed to get the job done, solve problems, and be leaders to those around us. We all have an influence no matter how small or big.  I will reference this a lot during the gloom as I mentioned during my time with ENC we lost a brother to ALS.  Throughout it all he wanted to lift others up, encourage, motivate those around him. During his last months he wrote with his assisted device (gaze-eye control system) what we like to call what it takes to be “CoopStrong”

“Know that your life matters to many so do good work, laugh every day, and press on!  Nelson Cooper “F3: Papa Smurf ENC”

See you in the Gloom men! Stretch checking out.

Sneak Peak for future workout: Wimpie legs (be ready), good friend called Burpee.