Crazy Ivan was back in play in the Fri gloom as the early birds get the worm at 0530. 2 including the Q hurried over from Sleeveless. YHC was excited for the challenge as a new Q for the kettlebell-centric workout and thankful to plant the flag and have a couple #HIM at the ready in a steady cold drizzle.

On the jog around the lot for w/u then circled up for exercise ICx10: SSH, fazio arm circles front/back, good mornings and shoulder stretch each side.

Lined up with kettles in hand for a lap around the fields as an Indian Run with alternating grips and a recovery rest stop to stretch out with merkins x10.

Lined up at end of lot and sent one man on the jog with kettlebell for an out and back with a recovery 10 count plank in the middle to get a good stretch before the return. Other 2 stayed on the line completing AMRAP of select exercise.  We worked through rotations that included variations of kettlebell curls, swings and the 1 arm strict press. Focus was heavy on form as it is crucial to practice smart slow form with kettlebell to avoid injury. Good form also maximizes your return on investment, and we invested a lot. Despite the lack of focus on count, we each cleared a solid 100 reps of curls and 50 reps swings and press.

Went on the jog with kettlebells for a lap around the lot, alternating kettle grips and making 4 stops to recover on the merkins x10.

Burned it out with Reverse Bottoms-Up Bicep Curls to failure, then finished strong with all 3 of us doing 10 more on count.

We joined up with Cletus for MARY and COT.

Crazy Ivan is a great workout. For those new to kettlebell, they encourage full-body engagement. We also work some of the traditional components of a boot camp style workout into the mix. Looking forward to seeing more new faces try it out.