The PAX started strong at 0500 with 9 for #sleeveless. This group continues to grow so come join us every Friday and get to know your F3 brothers better.

It was dark, cold, and drizzling but 21 PAX made it out to Cletus and 3 for some Crazy Ivan. I was informed that one PAX was looking for the men’s workout but I won’t name that individual that likes to crack small children. We headed down to the shelter that was shockingly lit up so the portable light was not needed. We had 1 FNG that joined late so the disclaimer was never given, he survived. Welcome Lawnchair! Here is how the picnic played out.

Warms Ups:
Squatted SSH x25
Jump lunges x15
Windmills x15
Burpees x10 OYO
Leg stretches

Partner up
Partner squats x10, switch
Step ups x20 each leg (10 each rounds 2 & 3)
Box jumps x20
3 rounds

Partner Abyss Merkins with shrugs x15 IC (10 reps rounds 2 & 3)
(chest should go below hands)
Dips x25
Dirkens & shoulder taps 1:2 – 10:20 IC (PAX pretty much stopped at 4, YHC advised FIA was at top of hill if anyone wanted to join) Ended up doing up to 5:10 ratio for rounds 2 & 3
3 rounds

Butt blasters on bench x20 each leg
1 legged seated squats x10 each leg
3 rounds

Table crawls – feet walk across ends of tables and benches with hands on floor. Bear crawl back to front of line and switch sides. 2 times through total

In and outs on bench x20
L hold on table top IC count 25
Nut busters x20
3 rounds

Matthew 6:1-4
Be humble when giving this Christmas season and throughout our lives. It pleases God when we do this.

Announcements: Christmas Party’s, CSAUP next Sat., T-shirt order, Crab Legs encouragement
Prayer Requests: Crab Legs and family, Puddles battling early parkisons, 11 YOB heath, Cobalt, others

Awesome time today under the shelter. Sorry if YHC was stern on the workout. We want results and I wanted to push for them. Great job men!

BS Out