The Pax gathered at 5:45 for the early morning beatdown at The Forge and the Spring Thaw has brought back some old timers.  A perfect 45 degree start to the day as we hit the pavement:

The Thang:

– Indian Run to upper parking lot and warm up with:

-25 SSH, 20 good mornings, 20 wide arm merkins, 20 mountain climbers

– Indian Run up and back to Gazebo

– 15 Urkins, 15 Dips, 15 Dirkins (x 3 sets)

– Jog down to steps

– Burpee ladder up the steps (up the steps, 1 burpee, back down, up the steps for 2 burpees, back down, etc) all the way to 5 burpees.  While waiting to ascend the burpee steps we did planks, squats, Russian hammers, ad nauseum.

– Zoo crawl around the lake – 15 seconds of bear crawl, 15 seconds of gorilla, 15 seconds of crab walk, then a 15 second sprint – repeat until we are all the way around the Pullen Lake – (note: lots of groans and cussing on this one so must have hit the sweet spot).

– jog to stage and do 25 left / right step ups

– Do the old fashioned foot ball speed drill (40 seconds, 2 reps) with plank hold at the end

– Round Robin Mary – each PAX calls out a Mary x 5 reps so a total of 90 mary reps

– COT & Prayers – many were offered for healing, peace, family reconciliations.  Countrywide took us out with a strong and faithful prayer