Six pax gathered at UNC’s Fetzer Field for their weekly Manic Monday beatdown hoping that the lion of the 2014 winter would go out like a lamb. YHC hoped to insure that at least 45 minutes of March’s last day would be anything but docile.


SSH x 20
Air Squat x 10
IW x 15
Windmills x 10
Good Mornings x 10
Arm Circles x 10 each direction
Merkins x10
Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to stadium steps for Jacob’s Ladder: run the steps, 1 Burpee, down the steps, 10 Merkins; next round 2 Burpees at the top, nine Merkins and the bottom and continue 10 trips total.

Mosey to IM field with a 12 KB Kettlebell for a circle of fun. As one Pax does 12 KB Swings, rest of group does as many Merkins as possible during that period. Kettlebell is passed to the next Pax, who knocks out 12 swings and the rest are back to Merkins. Process repeated until everyone has done KB Swings.

We did a total of four circles, following with Carolina Dry Docks, Peter Parkers and Bows-Toes Planks; for the last circle, the Kettlebell exercise was six reps of a Goblet Squat with Reverse Lunge.

Six Minutes of Mary included LBC, Long Slow Flutters, Hello Dollies, Rocky Balboas, Freddie Mercuries and Rosalitas



– Sadly this was Dr. Riggs’ last post of his research rotation, as he heads back to the residency grind at Duke Hospital. Been great having you out with us, brother. Also, thanks for curing cancer, or whatever you were doing these past few months.

– F3 Churham 2nd F coming soon, watch your email.

– Mud Run is 4/12. If you’re not signed up, get to it (click here). Deadline to get signed up is 4/5.

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(posted on behalf of Shooter)