11 pax gathered for a rainy but warm(ish) Spring edition of Thin Blue Line. Coco took the Q for his inaugural lead and delivered a smoker. Unfortunately for the pax, Riggs Adolphus and Coco spent their 1-hour ruck training before TBL discussing the merits of a true smokefest on pax morale and retention, and whether each had made their previous Qs tough enough to qualify as a proper beatdown. As a result, the intensity got turned to 11 and 10 counts were hard to find. Everyone walked (or in YHC’s case, limped) away satisfied, and the coffeeteria groans heard throughout Panera were a testament to a bedrock principle of F3 – it’s supposed to be hard.

The Thang:

Warm ups
SSH x10
Merkins x10
(Yup, that’s it. What do you think this is, Crossfit?)

Group run from field to playground

Pullups x10
Merkins x10
Squats x10

Indian run from playground back to field

Pair up for Field Sprints and Pain Stations

– Everyone down in bows & toes: 1st pair sprints to midfield, knocks out 10 air squats, then sprints to far sideline; drop back into bows & toes. When first pair gets to sideline second pair take off for midline, and so on.
Repeato with the following:
– SSH (x10) – sprint to midfield for Merkins (x10) – sprint to far sideline: SSH until the PAX catches up
– Alternating side T-Merkins – sprint to midfield for Mtn Climbers (x10 cadence count) – sprint to far sideline: T-Merkins until PAX catches up
– Step-back lunges – sprint to midfield for CDDs (x10) – sprint to far sideline: step-back lunges until PAX catches up

Adolphus took over for:

Slow Merkin Pyramid (Slow Merkin: cadence 3-count down, 1 count up. Pyramid by 2s: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 – 50 total)

– Group run perimeter of the field
– Bear-Gorilla-Bear to field midpoint, sprint the rest of the way across
– Slow Merkins x 10
– Bear-Gorilla-Bear to field midpoint, sprint the rest of the way back
– Slow Merkins x 10
(repeato x1)
– Circle up for 30 seconds of Merkins

Coco too back over for:

C2C (Corner 2 Corner)
– Burpees (x10) – sprint from corner of field to midfield/sideline corner
– Dry Docks (x10) – Imperial Walkers along sideline to corner of field
– Merkins (x10) – sprint from corner of field to opposite midfield/sideline corner
– Crab Dips (x10) – sprint to corner of field
– Alternating Sarkozy and Putin
Repeato x 2, 3rd time with pax-called exercises
(see photo above for the visual of C2C in action)

Circle up for dealer’s choice to include;
– 6-in leg raise hold
– LBCs
– Freddie Mercury
– Russian Hammer
– Heels to Heaven
– Superman hold for 5 count around, with song
– (others)
– Empty the Tank (rotating run in place/high knees/knee jumps/merkins for 1 minute)



– Tclaps to Coco for a strong first Q. Looking forward to the next one already.

– F3 Churham 2nd F coming soon, watch your email.

– Mud Run is 4/12. If you’re not signed up, get to it (click here). Deadline to get signed up is 4/5.

– F3 Chapel Hill shirts in Carolina Blue available to order now, click here to get yours (order open until 4/8).