pity-the-fool_400x400A Pax of 11 True Gritters gathered for their weekly pain offering to the Lake of Shelly.  The 44 degree weather was down right balmy, inconsistent with previous Tuesday beat downs.

The Thang

Warm up: Good Morning x15, Seal Jacks x15, Ski Abs x15, Merkins x15, Imperial Walkers x15

Jog up sidewalk toward Shelly Lake Loop, bear crawl up to top of damn for the Damn Run:

Sprint about 75 yards to bench, backward run to next bench, sprint to end of damn.

Smallish hill work: partner up wheelbarrow up and down hill, flapjack.  Plank recover, Merkins x15.  Bear crawl up, backward bear crawl down. Plank, Diamond Merkins x15.

Gorilla hop up hill and plank.

Damn Run 2 electric boogalo:  Sprint to bench, high knees to next bench, sprint to end of damn.

Recover on the jog to  bottom of  Sisyphus Junior:  Sprint to top near parking lot for plankorama.

Mosey to basketball courts, partner up for Chillcut jumps:

Partner A chillcut, partner B, 20 jumps over partner a legs.  flapjack.

Round 2 chill cut burpees: partner A chillcut, partner B jumps over legs does burpee jump back over x 10. Flap Jack.

Hit the end-line for suicides x 4, with wide merkins x 15, merkins x 15 and plankorama as recovery.

Jog back down Sisyphus Jr. For April Fools:

Hit bottom and sprint back up, LBC till PAX finishes.

Mosey back to top of damn with a little karaoke on the way for Damn Run 3:

Sprint to bench, jog to next bench, sprint to end.

Circle up in field for Mary:

Mary: Dying Cockroach x30, dealers choice: MacGrueber- Fred Mercury x30, Short Stack-, American Hammer x 30, Fiddler- 6 inch leg hold 5 count around. Maize- some sort of plank twist.

COT, Announcements and Prayers. Cornholio with the prayer out.


-MacGrueber was infatuated with Bob Villa’s purple tank top.

-Tclaps to Cinderella and Bob Villa for bringing the heat in the sprints.

-Fiddler has become a regular at True Gritt, Wally Pipping Duff while he is on the Injured Reserve.

-Good to have Short Stack out for his inaugural Gritt session.

-Nice work by Shaggy on the new shirts, be sure to order yours now.

-I love the adrenaline rush of being the Q. An honor to lead a great group.