Another day…another Zero Hr to #startyourweekright.  Todays pax had the honor to post at Tin Cup’s first Zero Hr Q. He was up to the challenge and the pax were ready to follow.  Into the gloom…

Warm up

Grab your rock and lets roll

  • SSH x 25
  • Good mornings x 25
  • Imperial walkers x 25
  • S.F. Arm circles x 8
  • Reverse S.F. Arm circles x 8

Grab your rock and lets roll.  Run up to the upper parking lot, Drop your rock, line up across the parking lot for a series of sprints.  Sprint length of parking lot, 10 star jumps, sprint length of parking lot, high plank hold.  Repeat 4 times

Grab your rock and lets roll.  Drop it by the tennis court and head over to the stadium for a series of exercises as follows (repeat below 3 times)

  • L/R stepups x 25
  • Dips x 25
  • Lebron’s to the top
  • Incline merkins x 10

Grab your rock and lets roll.  Jump onto the tennis court.

  • Balls to the wall x 20
  • Dick Webs (10 merkin, 1 shoulder press, sprint length of tennis court, repeat to 1 merkin, 1 shoulder press, continue sprints)
  • Balls to the wall x 20

Rock workout (repeat below 3 times)

  • Tricep extensions x 20
  • Right arm shoulder press x 20
  • Left arm shoulder press x 20
  • Curls x 40


  • LBC’s with your rock x 50
  • Could have been another exercise here…but can’t remember.  If so shout it in the comments


  • GoRuck…If you’re not doing it…do it (that’s what she said)
  • Gnard Dogg to fax out shirt orders so please make sure your home fax machine is ready
  • Sunshine brought his board shorts all the way from Cali!  Aye!
  • Apparently if you add sprints into Jack Webs…that turns them into Dick Webs
  • F3 welcomes Drive By
  • Good to see a couple The Crick boys at ZH this morning, you guys are always welcome
  • GREAT job by Tin Cup. The Pax are already looking forward to your next ZH Q