While taking a Sunday drive your Q for the Crucible decided it was time to explore the surrounding terrain. A couple of lefts and rights in the family vehicle and voila a HILL! If you have not been to the Crucible yet,  we have a lot of terrain but not the best hills to sprint. That was until we decided to go off campus and boy do we have hills!  I was so excited I awoke at 3AM thinking could I handle the Q?Sprinting up and down  a rather large hill with an above average incline caused a little more than the usual Q anxiety.. Imagine Crabtree ramp but longer and with more of an incline.

The Thang

Circle up in the parking lot for warm-ups.

SSH x 25

WIndmills x 20

Good Mornings x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Merkins x 15

Frogger across Lynn Road. Travel .03 miles to the HILL.

First group sprints hill/ second group prisoner squats.


So much fun we decide to do it again with a suggestion from Cinderella to lunge walk first half and bear crawl second half. While second group maxed out on LBC’s.

Know we are starting to really dig the hill and decide to do it again as a group. backwards run to halfway point- turn and sprint the rest. At the top 15 merkins at the bottom 10 merkins. Repeat but reverse sprint. Finish at bottom with 5 merkins. T-Claps to Electrolux for hanging in after a two week illness that kept him from posting.

Plank it out at the bottem while Q seriously thought about another run up the hill. Cooler heads prevailed and we recovered on the run which was up hill anyway.

While crossing Lynn Rd. your Q noticed our other Monday workout group must be on Spring Break so we headed over to the picnic benches for more fun.

Step-Ups x 20

Irkins x20

Jump Ups OYO x 10

Dirkins x 15

Recover on the run to the parking lot for Mary;

American Hammers X 20

Low Slow Flutter x 20

10 count 6″ leg hold by PAX


Prayers for the family of Josh Brewer

Prayers for Cheri Berry’s daughter, Reagan.

Prayers for Electrolux’s daughter (Alex Cate)sp? on her upcoming role in a school play.

Cheri Berry’s friend “Fish” and his family on his passing.

Prayers for Dufresne.

Thanks to Cinderella for leading us out in prayer.