sand bagsThe Pax felt the return of the sandbags (the added rain water didn’t help).

Warm Up:

Post up around the stone circle to get the morning started right: SSH x25, Arm Circles x10, Merkins x15, Good Morning x10, Incline Merkin x10, Decline Merkin x10, Dips x10 on the benches, and a 10 Burpee penalty for two pax being tardy.

The Thang:

The Pax counted off into seven teams and, with a bit of confusion for QIC, each team was assigned a 50+ lbs sandbag to keep with them for the duration of the workout. From the stone circle we travelled to The Half Pipe for some 11’s. Bupees at the top, Hindu Merkins at the bottom, rotate through who carries the sandbag up the hill. Plank exercises at finish.

Having watched the State B-Ball team erode away at the end of the season I was greatly concerned that the continuous rains would do the same to our beloved Bell Tower, so we headed out to ensure its structural integrity. Walking lunges across the bridge, a brief circle up for single leg squats, and 50 yds of bear crawl for anyone not carrying a sandbag, and we made our way to the Bell Tower.

At first glance she still stood tall, but we thought it prudent to run a few tests. After SSH x25, Balls-to-the-Bell-Tower, and Single Leg Peoples Chair I was satisfied that the ground beneath was sound. At this point the Pax were informed that they had 4.5 minutes to get themselves and their sandbags back to the stone circle. Double time was in order.


LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Russian Hammers, The Protractor, and a 10-count around the circle of 6″ Leg Holds while enjoy the cooling rain took us home to COT.


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