VSF planted for a clean living dozen at North Hills. The PAX featured a star studded cast chock full of small screen and big screen names. This set was from the ground and pound file, and I’m not sure why we bothered leaving the main parking lot……

The Thang:

Currituck trot, then warm up with Good Mornings x10, Spiderman Merkins x15, Imperial Walkers x10, Mountain Climbers x15

On the Line: Line up at the back of the parking lot, sprint to the gate and back….sets in between.

5 Rotations: Walking the Plank L&R x8 then High Plank Hold x15, 4 minutes of Burpees, Low Plank Hold, LBCs, Nipplers x 15 plus Shoulder Tap x 15….run to back parking lot

Island Time: Partner Up, # 1 runs two laps while #2 performs AMRAP

3 Rotations: Merkins, Star Jumps, 6″ Leg Hold, then whole group runs 2 laps

Jog to shelter: Dips x 15, Step-Ups x 20, Dips x 20, Step-Ups x 15

Run to grassy area near front parking lot….line up on uphill slope

The Clock: Diamonds x 12 @ 12 o’clock, Right Arm Stagger x 12 @ 3 o’clock, Derkins x 6 o’clock, Left Arm Stagger @ 9 o’clock, High Plank Hold x12 @ 12 o’clock……then one more parking lot sprint

Mary: WW2 Sit-Ups x 20, Dolly x 15, 6″ Leg Hold Circle, Flutters x 15

COT with prayer by Minnie

Scripture Shared from Matthew 13:

“‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding;
    you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.
15 For this people’s heart has become calloused;
    they hardly hear with their ears,
    and they have closed their eyes.
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
    hear with their ears,
    understand with their hearts
and turn, and I would heal them.’[a]

16 But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.


-April 10th: F3 @ Ridgewood Beer & Wine, 7pm…see Zima or Costco

-April 12th: No Pullen Park, but Catalyst & The Arena will be on schedule

-June 14th: Susan Komen Race in Raleigh….calling for F3 Raleigh to represent. See Caddy or Lamp.

-For those about to Ruck!! : As a courtesy to Utah & Yo-Yo I’ll mention GoRuck May 3rd. There’s still time to sign up, but more importantly you are running out of time to train. This will be rewarding and gratifying, but it’s no joke..carrying a bag of bricks forces the use of underutilizes muscles and takes some getting used to. That said, I’m excited to wake up sore and ruck to True Grit with a few guys. #goodlivin

-T-claps to Ernie pushing it really hard and showing some grit on the final sprint. That wasn’t happening a year ago, strong!

-I’m looking forward to more light and warmer temperatures like many of us, it’s what I was thinking about on the short run to the workout this morning. Then after the 2nd or 3rd sprint I called LBCs, the first thing I notice before cadence was a clear sky full of stars. When in doubt simply look up!