Not sure if such statistics are kept, but I’d think 84 PAX is a record for an inaugural workout.  By my count, there were 35 dads and 49 2.0s for a near perfect day at Freddie F Fletcher park.  WIth kids ranging from 3 to 13, and an average age right around 7.3827, it was like herding cats for most of the 30-35 minute workout.  Certainly a memorable day.

Jog across soccer field for…….

Warm-Up:  SSH x 10, IW x 10, Good Mornings x 10, Mtn. Climbers x 10 and Push-ups (intentionally not called merkins today) x 5.  2.0s quick to get the concept of “halt.”  Smart group.

Jog up hill to field in front of House of Cats for Ark Loader (crowd pleaser).  Being perfectly accurate historically with the story of Noah, we loaded the Ark with bears, crabs and gorillas.  Look it up.  Three pushups once the animal/crustacean is loaded and then back to the start.  We had to do this twice, as there were two of each animal on the Ark.  You can look that up too.

Recover on the jog over to the amphitheatre.  One group does exercises in the stone circle while the others go up and over two walls, touch the lamp post and back down.  Flap jack.  Exercises were AMRAP push-ups, LBCs, plank hold, maybe one other.  Got a little scary there for a while with kids barreling down the hill and over the walls.  Thank goodness we gave the disclaimer when we got started.

Recover on the jog back to the field beside Washington Street.  Several calls for water from the 2.0s.  Motion denied.  Two groups form a line facing each other 20 yards apart.  One team has tennis ball with numbers 1-5.  Other team’s ball is A-E (a=push up)(b=squat)(c=burpee)(d=star jump)(e=WWII sit-up).  We threw the balls back and forth 5 or times, doing a few sets of burpees, some push ups, maybe a star jump or two.

COT:  name, age and favorite exercise.  Many 2.0s liked the Ark Loader exercises, some liked plank, some of the roughians liked push ups.  Finally, kids are allowed water.  Finis.

-I hope everyone will come back, and those that missed it will come out next time.

-There will be a next time.  Looking at late April.

-Maize had as much to do with putting this together as I did.  t-claps to him.

-WIll probably split the groups up next time, as some of our older kids could handle a little more tempo.  That said, this isn’t really about the workout as much as it is the fellowship and fun time w/ your dad.

-now Maize can stop asking “are you going to put up an F3 dads back blast?”