19 PAX hit the ground running.  The Grinch stole our workout cones as we were warming up – must be desperate this holiday season!

Warm Up:

SSH – 25

Plank Jack – 25

Good morning – 20

merkins – 20

Indian run up to top parking lot for The Starfish:

Run to (missing) Cone 1: 10 burpees and run back to plank hold

Lunge walk to (missing) Cone 2: 20 star jumps and lunge walk back to plank hold

Bear crawl to (missing) Cone 3: 30 Merkins and bear crawl back to plank hold

Crab walk to (missing) Cone 4: 40 Squats and crab walk back to plank hold

Gorilla walk to (missing) Cone 5: 50 LBCs and Gorilla walk back to plank hold

Jog to steps:

LeBron up the steps to 10 decline merkins, repeat with 20 incline crunches, repeat with 10 dips, repeat with 10 incline merkins

Jog to Tennis Court for Plank O Rama:

Plank hold, Balls to the Wall, Polite Heisman, People’s Chair, Southern Gentleman, Balls to Wall with Pushups, and final plank hold

Jog to Parking Lot:

25 High slow flutter kicks, 25 Ali shoulder taps, round robbin Mary with 5 reps each x 19 pax (95 total reps) and finally 25 SSH.

COT: Please remember DuFrense, who has surgery on Saturday.  F3 Christmas Party is THIS THURSDAY at 7PM, Tyler’s Tap Room, Raleigh!  Cash bar for beer and F3F donations encouraged!

Finally, if you see somebody with 10 stolen orange cones and an evil grin, please flip his car on its side!!!