A good crew showed up to start the week off right.

The Thang:

Jog up hill, Wojo shuffle for a block, bear crawl down a hill, lunge walk a block, jog back


SSH X 20

Windmill X 20

Cross Imperial Walker X 20

Count Off 1s and 2s

Group 1 Suicides on Tennis Court

Group 2 Balls to the Wall

Repeat X 6

Jog to aforementioned baseball field… infield a bit gooey…

Push O’ Rama

Standard Merkin X 10

Wide Arm Merkin X 10

Staggered Left Arm Up Merkin X 10

Staggered Right Arm Up Merkin X 10

Diamond Merkin X 10

Rosalita X 40

Dolly X 30

Rosalita X 20

Push O’ Rama Repeat

Russian Hammer X 20

BCGs around baseball diamond (1s) while others (2s) do People’s Chair

Six-inch leg hold (five seconds each)