None of us are quite sure what spurred Flying J to teach the pax a history lesson today. Apparently he was dismayed at previous history lessons (history of F3 with penalties for incorrect answers, or YHC’s personal favorite – the life of Jimmie Johnson), but he decided to bring his hodge-podge of historical facts to ‘Top Shelf’ this morning for our daily downPAINment.

Warm-up: SSH, Windmills, Arm Circles, Good Mornings

Valley Forge…
The pax of George Washington’s army had to complete bootcamp in order to fight the British – therefore, we rotated through 5 stations, 10 merkins at 4 of them and the fifth had 10 pull-ups (40 merkins) – apparently we were terrible solders and had to repeat boot camp (80 merkins)

Next we needed to cross the river – each pax had to perform 5 merkins, roll over for 5 dips, roll over repeato until we crossed the concrete river (100 merkins)

Charge the cannon – we needed to attack the British at this point – 2 burpees, run to first light post and back, 4 burpees and run to the second light post and back, 6 burpees, then 8 burpees… (120 merkins)

At this point, for some reason, we jumped about 150 years forward to the Wright brothers – there was a heated debate between Floyd and Flying J about who truly “owned” the brothers.. Ohio vs North Carolina… Floyd decided to leave the group and check out a local license plate and confirmed that it was NC, not OH with the Wright brothers plane on it… but I digress

Apparently the Wright brothers were bicycle makers… who needed strong legs… 50 slow mo air squats followed by a bunch of freddie mercurys.

We then “headed south” to the bottom of the stairs… 2 flights, 10 merkins (130), back down – 4 flights, 10 air squats, back down, 6 flights, 10 merkins (140), back down, 7 flights, 10 air squats, 10 merkins (150)

Mary, dealers choice – LBCs, 6″ leg raise scissors, alternating toe touches, heels2heaven, WW2s


– At this point, we don’t trust that Flying J will post any of his workouts… he claims he can’t “figure it out” despite the fact he’s a doctor (although a general surgeon so we cut him some slack) and publishes like a beast
– 12/24 and 12/31 we will still have our usual Tuesday morning workouts
– No workout on 12/25 but apparently there is a convergence being planned for 1/1.. details to follow
– Make sure you come out to the F3 christmas party, the thursday morning 0530 herndon park workout, and Saturday morning at Mad Hatters