A solid frost made the grass crunch under our feet as we gathered together. We felt the chill, but knew the heat would soon come. At the appointed hour we began our downPAINment.

We started with a quarter mile run and Side Straddle Hops x 25, Crossover Imperial Walkers xc 25, Squats x 20 and Fazio Arm Circles x 8 x 8
Once the blood was flowing we stepped over the field where cones awaited us for a couple rounds of the Starfish. Bear crawl to a station, perform the exercise, run back, 10 side straddle hops, and repeat until you’ve visited all 5 stations. Station 1-5 Burpees; Station 2-10 Star Jumps; Station 3-15 Merkins; Station 4-20 Squats; Station 5-25 LBCs. Repeato
Jog over to the building for some Balls to the Wall x 20 and People Chair x 50
We moseyed over to the Pavilion for Dips x 15, Alternating Left/Right Step Ups x 16, Incline Merkins x 15, and Jumping Lunges x 10. Repeat this series
Then we closed it out with a fun Six Minutes of Mary. Dying Cockroach x 20, Hello Dolly x 20, Russian Hammers x 15, World War II Sit Ups x 20, and 6” Leg Hold x 40.

As our numbers grow, more and more observers leaving clipboard-land slow to watch our circles of pain. YHC reminded the PAX to be inviting friends to join them in the gloom, and challenge those making New Year’s resolutions to make it happen this year.