The AM was clear and cold but 13 PAX faithful arose from their fartsacks to take on the Tribute!  A Co-Q from Cinderella and ManRam greeted them for this version of TrueGrit.  Today’s blue plate special?  A cornucopia of the best that Shelley Lake has to offer… Let’s do this!

The Thang – Part Uno (Q – Cinderella):

Warm-ups:  SSH, Good Mornings, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers (how appropriate given what Cinderella had coming).

Jog to the lower parking lot entrance.  As instructed by Mr. Cinderella, as soon as your foot touched concrete, LUNGE WALK to the top of the hill.  At the top of the hill, switch to STANDING BROAD JUMPS continuing up the hill to the Upper parking lot.  Alternate between Lunge Walk and Broad Jumps every 50-75 feet.  At the top, recover on the jog from the “LungyJumps” to the upper parking lot.  If you didn’t feel the burn by the top of the hill, you must be a robot.

Circle up:

Alternate Pyramid of “Pistol Squats” (Single leg squats with the alternating leg straight out in front) start at 9 each leg and decrease 3 each set with Ski Abs start at 15 and decrease by 5.

Recover on the jog down the hill, across the bridge to the retaining wall on the other side.

Pyramid down from 20 Balls to the wall Merkins (heretofore known as “Verkins”), drop 5 reps each set (20, 15, 10).  Did we do 5?

The Thang – Part Deux (Q – ManRam):

Recover on the jog at a brisk pace back across the bridge, past the boathouse and to the bottom of the hill.  Bear Crawl up the hill, Plank at the Top.  Putin, Sarkozy.

Partner Carry halfway across Dam Hill – Flapjack at the first bench.  [YHC note to self – why did it seem that it was easier to carry Ernie on my back but yet harder for me to be carried by Ernie…oh yeah…it was his shoulder blade in my crotch…]  Stop at the top of Slippery Knob.  Meander (or slide) to the bottom of the hill.  Pick a rock (a medium/large variety).  [it shall be noted that the PAX seemed to take their time finding a rock with some wiley veterans (cough, Bob Villa) even asking how long their little friend would remain with them.  YHC was not phased by this attempt to detract from the next installment of painment.]

10 Curl Presses in cadence, drop the rock and TAKE THE HILL!  At the top, 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees OYO.  For those unfamilar with this move, it’s a burpee with additional merkins as follows:

Drop to plank, Merkin, Right knee to chest, Merkin, Left knee to chest, Merkin, Both knees in and jump up = 1

Back down Slippery Knob (a sled would have been a nice addition here).  Repeato [YHC had to call an audible as we started with Tricep Extensions but my little friend was starting to slip and we were not game for crushed skulls this AM].  10 Curl Presses, put rock away and TAKE THE HILL!

At the top, 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees OYO.  Recover on the jog, down the hill to the field.  Circle up for Mary and the Ring of Fire.

6 rounds of Mary – 1 PAX called the exercise while he then ran 2 laps around the circle, next in line did the same.

6 inch flutter kicks, Rosalitas, 6 inch flutter kicks, Merican Hammers, LBCs and Reverse LBCs

COT:  YHC shared 2 Corinthians 5:17, which happened to be the verse of the day when I looked at my phone.  When I was a senior in high school, my Young Life leader shared this verse with me during a time when I was searching for the truth:  “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old is gone; the new has come”.  That verse perhaps for the first time introduced me to the freedom that Jesus Christ offers all of us who turn to him.  As we walk with him in life, we learn that this is a daily reminder we must not forget.  I pray we will always be reminded that he has made us new and that Jesus gives us the strength to carry on each day.  It has been a real encouragement to come to True Grit on most Tuesdays since I was first invited back in April this year.  Hot, Cold, Wet or Dry, F3 has been a great encouragement to me.  I trust it has for you as well.

Announcements – Prayer Requests:

– F3 Christmas Party this Thursday, 19 Dec from 7-9pm at Tyler’s Taproom in Seaboard Station.  Bring a donation for the F3 foundation.  Your M or significant other M is invited.

– Dufregne – recovering from collapsed lung.  Continue praying for his recovery.  Sign up for Hopebuilder when his workouts resume.

– Jobs – Both Deliverance and ManRam have potential job changes (new roles and/or company).  Pray for the Lord’s will to be done.

– Mule dealing with stomach bug, couldn’t join us today.

– Other – PAX, please help me here with your comments if I forgot any other prayer requests.

It was a real pleasure this AM.  Aye!