12 PAX met in the crisp morning Gloom at Martin Middle School.  The 100% full moon was out and brightly lit the way around the rubber track.  The usual female group and their dog were there, as was a friendly Orthopedic from the surrounding neighborhoods… YHC needs to EH the good doctor for future #Hi-fidelity work.

On to the Thang

Warm-up half mile with high knees, butt-kickers, and 2 strides
Circle of Stretches:  Windmills x 14, Imperial Walkers x 14, Good Mornings x 14

1 x 1 km @ T-pace, rest for 2 minutes
3 x 200m @ R-pace with 200m slow recovery
2 x 1 km @ T-pace with 2 min recovery
3 x 200m @ R-pace with 200m slow recovery
1 x 1km @ T-pace.


The buck rogers report – missing in action while my internet at home is gradually restored from the move….

Moleskine –

  • T-claps to the group for strong work today.  Much grumbling makes the QIC a happy man.  I apologize for the pace as I was feeling good.  Maybe it was the Honey Stinger Ginsting pre-workout, but my paces were 30 sec/mi faster than expected.
  • Warning to others – be careful not to hurt yourself in these situations.  <Yoda> Always mindful of your legs you must remain.  </Yoda>.
  • First encounter of another doing speed work on the track – try to practice good lane discipline and recover in the outer lanes, while working hard in the inner lanes.
  • Lifting up Dufresne as he recovers
  • F3 Christmas party – be at Tyler’s Taproom on Thursday evening.