13 Pax joined the cold, dark parking lot at Pullen Park for cold, dark (but awesome) morning!

The Thang:

Warm-up: SSH Hop (25), Mountain Climber (20),Good Morning (20),Fazio Arms (7 each)

Jog up the steps towards the Gazebo and drop / freeze in plank for 20 count hold

Gazebo for Step up / Decline Merkin Combo (9/1, 8/2, 7/3, etc)

Jog around parking lot and back to Gazebo

Gazebo for Incline push-up / dip Combo (4 sets, 10 each)

jog around park and another drop / freeze 20 count

jog down to lake / drop for 25 Plank jacks

Lunge / walk across icy bridget

Plank for 25 Mohammed Ali Shoulder Taps

Jog around lake all the way to tall steps

Divide into 3 groups – Group 1 squat, Group 2 plank, Group 3 abs – each PAX sprints up and down the steps twice while his group is exercising.

Jog to small stage for Mary – 20 slow flutters, 20 Homer to Marge and Round Robin with 7 reps from each Pax (total 98 reps) and wind down with 25 SS hops!

One FNG – Welcome QBall!
Continued Prayers for DeFrense