A beautiful day out at Pullen Park today.  We were greeted cordially by one of Raleigh’s finest who was keeping warm in his patrol car parked right in the middle of the stone circle making sure no frat boys made off with pieces of the winter wonderland express.  We did a quick warm up lap around the lake with some walking lunges over the bridges and by the time we got back, RPD, realizing F3 had secured the premises and all was well with the world, had departed for #dunkin.  Now that we had our warm up spot cleared for takeoff, we were ready to launch.

The Thang


  • SSH – 75x  #earlyfeba
  • Merkins – 10x #pureform
  • Squats – 10x #1-3down
  • Wide Grip Merkins – 10x #hashtag
  • Lunges – 12x
  • Good Mornings – 11x
  • Arm Circles – 6xfwd – 6xbkwd

Jog to Pavillion for 11’s

  • Jump Ups 11 down to 1 and Derkins 1 up to 11

Jog to Upper Field for ‘Mike Tyson’ aka 7’s

Sprint 40 – 7x – sprint 40 – 7x – sprint 40 – 7x – sprint 40 – plank (do this 7 times with a different exercise each time)  Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, Wide Grip Merkins, Lunges, LBCs, Star Jumps, Burpees

Jog back down to lower field

  • Plankorama
  • Mary: LBC, Dolly, WW2 SU, Rosalita

COT – Silent Prayer – #bestillandknow

QOD – “There is no vulnerability without risk, there is no community without vulnerability, there is no peace, and ultimately no life, without community’


  • DUFRESNE – had an emergency procedure today – is recovering now – #rallyroundthefamily
  • Christmas Party on Thursday – Be There – 7-9 @ Tyler’s Taproom – Seaboard Station
  • Adolpholophus has offered some of his #homebrew to anyone who sends an FNG out to #F3Churham
  • Briar Creek coming on 1.1.14 – talk to Money Hose aka #f3johnnyappleseed
  • Today was #fun