As ten brave souls entered the Pullen gloom for another episode of the Forge, the summer heat lifted and we were greeted by fall’s first reaches.

The disclaimer was given, and the fun began.

Brisk jog halfway around the lake to the pavilion peninsula.
SSH x20
Burpee x5 OYO
Grassmats x20
Crab Merkins x10
Standard Merkin x10
Good Mornings x10

The Thang:

Bear Crawl over second bridge, round the corner and mosey up the stairs to the rock pile.

Grab a medium sized rock for 11’s up hill, ending at rock pile.
11’s with Standard Merkins at top and Rosalitas (with rock elevated above chest) at bottom.

Drop rocks and move to tennis courts for pre-season agility training. In two groups, split up on either side of the net.
Round 1:
Shuffle right to corner, sprint along baseline.
Shuffle left to net, to the next court, shuffle right and continue.
Plank on opposite doubles line.
Round 2:
Repeat, except with a burpee every time you change directions (x12)
Round 3:
Balls to the wall; 15 count each man  (this was a crowd favorite)

Back to the rocks for 5’s–
Alternating rock assisted merkins, run with rock up the hill and goblet squats.

Brisk mosey past pavilion and bear crawl down main staircase.

Since we had such a good time with BTW earlier, YHC decided to reward the PAX’s hard work with one more round on the carousel wall.


LBC’s x20
Homer to Marge x20
Box Cutters x15
American Hammers x25

-The Arena has changed times and days from Saturday mornings to Friday matinee. 2:30pm at THP; look for tweets and updates from Countrywide.
-“Quick Hatch” is the pre-ruck post at The Crick on Saturdays; 6:15 launch. Come do 2-3 miles with beginner ruckers and double down for the Saturday Crick.
-FIA Raleigh is launching 9/27– Briar Creek Community Center, 8:15! Spread the word.

Strong work by all PAX this morning. The Forge has become a higher paced, more intense workout and always an honor to post.  The BB title comes from Mr. Hush Puppy after YHC called and demonstrated Crab Merkins. Thanks to the F3 Wilmington guys for the Crab Merkin; expansion at it’s finest.