In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better for an F3 workout than a little nasty weather.  These are the workouts you remember because at some point around 5:00 am, you rolled over in bed and said “ughh, I guess I’ll go and post.”  And with that, you showed you are not fazed by a little rain or whatever else mother nature may throw our way. During my maiden UJ Q back in January it was a mere 16 degrees with snow and ice, so this was nothing for the able bodied PAX.

33 strong posted with 3 more at Dice’s recovery workout.

Shovel flag (made expertly by Gnobby) was planted and off we went.

And here’s the thang:
Seal Jack x 30
Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 20 each direction
Mountain climbers x 20

Head down to lower portion of the old parking deck next to the JCPenneys and count off into four groups.
Group 1 – Stairbarrow up ramp with 10 derkins in wheelbarrow position; run back down ramp and flapjack
Group 2 – Stairbarrow up stairs from bottom of deck to top of deck with 10 derkins at top; run back down ramp and flapjack
Group 3 – Run from base area to bottom of escalators and up escalators two flights to area near fountain and do 15 burpees
Group 4 – using railings do 20 reverse bench press, then 20 dips, then 20 incline merkins

Rotate through until each group completes each station.

Staying in your groups – team group pull-ups totaling 100.

Quick dash to bottom of parking deck ramp – bear crawl up ramp.  At top, plank it out and wait for PAX.  Once PAX gathers – Jack Webbs 1 through 10.

Head back into old portion of deck for some suicides with fun mixed in.
First suicide: Run to first pole 40 LBCs and back; run to second pole and 20 LBCs and run back; run to end of deck for 10 LBCs
Second Suicide: 40-20-10 Air Squats
Third Suicide: 20-10-5 Diamond Merkins
Fourth Suicide (as requested by Orwell): 15-10-5 Burpees

Mary:  40 count American Hammer

Name-a-rama:  Orwell brought and FNG that, after much deliberation, was given the name “Band Camp”.  Apparently he played the flute back in school.  Welcome Band Camp to the PAX.  Looking forward to seeing you in the Gloom!

Announcements included Mule on October 25; Pay Gnard Dogg for the Mud Run bus or else!!

Prayer Requests:  A father in law of a PAX with prostrate cancer (sorry, lost track of which PAX but the prayer was there for you brother); Prayers for the families of the young girl who died from Panther Creek and the young boy from Wendell killed in the hit-and-run.  The tragedy of a child’s death is difficult to comprehend and our thoughts are with these families.

Our brother Rain Man took us out with eloquence as he so often does.  It doesn’t get much better than Rain Man.

Thanks for letting me lead this great group today.  Serving as a Q is an honor and I thank you.