7 PAX appeared out of the mist for this mornings downPAINment.  As usual, The Stig arrived at the last possible minute pushing his high-performance auto to the limit.  Riggs started the morning off by handing out a concrete paver to every man.  Thankfully M Riggs’ garden isn’t in use these days, so they haven’t been missed.

Mosey across the street with the blocks for…

(Pretty boy, Pink) Floyd (Landis) made his debut with a new twist on the COP.  He  arrived toting a satchel with two large balls (innuendo intended).  Reaching back into his distant past (last week), he recalled the 20-sided dice that he used to play Dungeons and Dragons…enter the soccer balls, one with numbers one through 20, one with 20 exercises.  A roll of the dice and…

Burpees x something
Merkins x a lot
Mountain climbers x several
Air squats x a few
LBCs x something

Mosey on over to Durham’s version of Hamburger Hill…
Backward run up the hill with blocks, 13 knee up merkins with one hand on block, traveling burpees down the hill (with block in one hand)
Repeat x 1

Mosey on over to the Circle Drive…
Partner up for wheelbarrows for 20 yards with a block in each hand, 13 LBCs
Partner carry back (partner carries blocks), 13 low flutters
Repeat x 1

Mosey to the School of Pain…
13 pullups, run to the wooden stage, 13 decline merkins, run back
Repeat x 1

Mosey on back to the Circle Drive…
One arm shoulder press with block x 50 (or failure)
Burps (middle, left, right) x 50 (or failure)

Mosey on back to the start for the Dream Catcher’s debut running Mary…
LBCs x 15
Bicycles x 15
Low flutters x 15
Scissors x 15
Elbow to opposite knee crunches x 15 each way
Russian hammers (with block) x 15


Naked Moleskin:
Tough workout today having to lug the blocks around, seem pretty easy at the start.  Not so easy at the end.  Tried to keep them above the head while doing all of the running between stations, but didn’t happen all the time for sure.  Thought Floyd broke his wrist doing the wheelbarrow with blocks, but he pushed through and finished.

– Tclaps to FNG Shooter for keeping up with us whipper-snappers
– Tclaps to Floyd and Dream Catcher, strong work on COP and Mary

Lastly…some say he never blinks and that he roams local woodland foraging for mouse meat. All we know is, he’s called The Stig.