The vsf was planted at 5:45 am in the Shelley Lake parking lot as the PAX of 4 each grabbed a concrete block from the spacious trunk of the sensible volvo sedan and set out into the chilled gloom for a not-so-sensible workout and to celebrate the birthday of some of the greats: Elvis, R Kelly and Money Hose.

The Thang:

Part I – Drop the blocks and warm it up

SSH x 34

Mountain Climbers x 34

Imperial Walkers x 34

Good Mornings x 34

Leave the blocks here, but mosey back to the trunk to grab a block for Wonk, who showed up a little late after arriving first at the wrong parking lot, alone, dressed in all black, looking around for his ‘buddies’, thus ensuring the women meeting there for their meetup will never leave the car solo again at that location. Thanks for taking the extra time today, Wonk, to serve the public through raising awareness.

Pass the block as we all continue our brisk mosey to the boat docks for the first stop on the escalator tour.

Grab a spot on the dock and commence Part II:

Decline Mercans x 5

Dips x 5

Single Leg Squats x 5 ea.

Decline Mercans x 10

Dips x 10

Single Leg Squats x 10 ea.

Decline Mercans x 15

Dips x 15

Single Leg Squats x 15 ea.

Birthday Round:

Decline Mercans x 34

Dips x 20

Single Leg Squats x 17 ea.

Mosey back across the dam, passing the block around. Everyone pick back up their own block and commence part III:

Block Raises x 10

Block Mercans x 10

Overhead Block Squats x 10

Run Hill Loop

Block Raises x 15

Block Mercans x 15

Overhead Block Squats x 15

Run Hill Loop

Block Raises x 10

  • Almost Merlot

Block Mercans x 10

Overhead Block Squats x 10

Drop blocks and mosey over to pull up bar to commence part IV:

PlankPullupPyramid Rotation

PAX does plank medley while rotating through escalating pullup sets of 2 – 4 – 6

Mosey back to the blocks, pick em up, sit down and wind it down with Part V:

Block o’ Mary

Floor Wipers x 34

WW2 Situps x 10

Hello Dolly x 10

Russian Hammer x 10

the end.


-A big Happy Birthday! to Money Hose turning the big 3-4 today.  Hope it was all you had hoped for and more.

-T-claps to all who showed up for the launch of the new workout – looking forward to exploring the lake with more of you next week.

-In hindsight, YHC may have tried to fit 10 lbs of something into a sack designed for 5, but will make adjustments in the future to make sure it all fits

-Congrats to White Shoe for winning another national chamionship

-T-Claps to Maize and Fazio for continuing to be a driving force in pushing the momentum of F3 in Raleigh – Last out at Lake Johnson and first in at Shelley Lake. #LOFI?

-Money Hose proposed the idea of an F3 convergence at a local Raleigh watering hole to watch super bowl commercials on february 3rd – #thinkaboutit