6 Souls took the trek Tuesday AM.  Started with an Indian Run down the ramps and Decline Merkins to warmup.  Then Ascensions: ascending the stairwell with burpees at each landing.
360 degree Merkins as a group
Partner sprints/backward/karaoke with curls to top shelves.
Merkin circle with TriBurns, Wides, Military, Extensions, Dry Docks, staggered
2nd Indian Run and Ascensions with jumping air squats at each landing
The Schwarzenegger Circuit with sprints, Dips, Curls, Top Shelves, Pull Ups, and Declines
10 minute Abs with Hammers, Leg Climbers, Hello Dolly’s, Rosalitas, Supermen, SkyDivers, and TriBurns.
– This was Kaufman’s first run at being Q.  Excellent workout.  I think the PAX were really feeling the Schwarzenegger Circuit. 
– Tclaps to Flying J for posting for the second time, at the sub-5AM workout no less.  No merlot spillage today, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.