The shovel flag was planted on the frozen fields of Cary’s Walnut Street Park. (so maybe it wasn’t planted, but remained in the back of Howard’s car) Howard and Wonk, the dynamic duo of Yankee counter invasions took to the field for 45 of the most ab intensive moments YHC has had in about 10 days.

Warm Up:


Good Mornings x 20

Fazio Arm Circles x16

Lunge Walk to padded (though frozen solid) play area.

Incline Merkin jump ups. Each man assumed an incline plank on the wall, performed a merkin ladder to five with a jump up in between each set.

Squat hold pull up. Each man performed a squat hold and then went immediately into a pull-up. x 5

Mini-Mary 1.0

LBC, WW11, RosaDollys

Mosey to benches for dips/decline merkins

Step ups along the length of the rising wall and back again with SSH at each end.

Mosey to swings for knees to chest x 10

Hill climb hell.

Plank at the bottom of the hill while one man runs to the top and performs 10 merkins, flap jack. x3

Plankarama: High plank, low plank hold, chilcut, chilcut putin, chilcut sarkozy, high plank. Sarkozy and round it off with Putin

Lunge walk back to padded frozen play area.

Another round of incline merkin jump ups. x 5.

People’s Chair

trio of SSH, dips, incline merkins x10 each x 3


Howard is out next week so I hope some of you folk who have attempted the downpainment in the ConPAINment Area will re-appear, otherwise I am going to venture up north and experience the fun that is the North Hills workout.

Thoughts with our dear leader CK and his knee. Here’s to recovery!